Who makes up massage-chairs net?

Mike Hancock.

He has worked with Massage Chair Distributors since 2005. He has an interest in massage chair design, manufacture and repair. Mike specialises in problem solving and internal repairs with both common and unusual makes of massage chair. He also has a keen interest in the introduction of new technologies within massage chair design.

Jim Bunting.

Jim is particularly interested in new developments and the legal requirements of UK regulations. With a background in the law he has in the past successfully taken on the tax man and the VAT man. Living on his yacht in the beautiful town of Dartmouth he came out of retirement to found Massage Chair Distributors Ltd.

Dr. John B MB BCh FRSI.

An almost mythical figure with views to match. Awarded a CBE for his work with M.O.D. "Doctoring is a good profession, your patients either get better and thank you or die and can't complain!"

Shidan (Danni) Xu.

Ex mandarin speaking presenter on China Radio. Experienced in Import and Export with a particular interest in Quality Control. Now married and living in England. Very useful in tracing the background of chairs nearly all of which are manufactured in the far east.

Tim Lloyd.

Involved in the furniture trade for many years and latterly managing director of Zero Gravity Products Ltd the sole UK importers of HTT massage chairs. He successfully took HTT massage chairs to be the UK brand leader before leaving and working with Keyton and Sterling products.

Alex Burke.

He runs a health based business in Scotland and specialises in advising National Health Trusts.

Ellie Clements.

Ex. Founding director of SecureX Ltd. SecureX Ltd. was established in 2001 to import and retail a range of massage chairs. She resigned in 2005 to have a family when the company was taken over by Massage Chair Distributors Ltd but she has retained an ongoing interest in massage chairs, particularly in design and new developments.

If you would like to join our unpaid panel and think you have something to add to the knowledge pool - send us a brief C.V. and an indication of the background to your interest in massage chairs.

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