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Our brand new Keyton Concept Sensor FT chair arrived yesterday, which replaced the Keyton Concept MMS - 2000 Plus. The Sensor FT is the latest technology that was first seen in Keyton's new Dynamic and Dune chairs, but has now been incorporated in the older style chairs, which continue to sell well.

Unfortunately our previous MMS - 2000 Plus chair was a special order by a well know dealer and was purchased to look at a new range of fire retardant material. Unfortunately the fabric was not 100% colour fast and the dye started to come out onto our clothes. Keyton only made a few chairs in this material and exchanged our chair for a new Sensor FT by way of an apology.

So what's this new Sensor FT like then? Well first of all Keyton have added something under the seat that taps your thighs at varying speeds, which adds the feeling that more of your body is being massaged.

When starting, you are encouraged to press the Scan button. This apparently makes the chair mechanism roll up and down your back taking readings of where your shoulders start and weight distribution etc. Then you have a variety of pre-programmed massages to select, which include Anti-Stress, Shiatsu, Relax, Neck & Shoulders, Lumber and finally Sport. I like the Neck & Shoulders and Lumber massages as it focuses the massage on these two main areas.

Why have I given this chair a 5 star? Well in contrast with our previous MMS - 2000 Plus, which simply went up and down your back at the same speed in complete cycles, only varying the intensity and spacing (Near the spine, middle or outer back muscles) the new Sensor FT keeps you guessing!
What I mean is that it will move up and down your back sometimes from the very top to the bottom (In the same way as the MMS - 2000 Plus), but it will also just move up a little, then down a little, then down a little bit more, then up again, then rotate the kneading clockwise, then anti-clockwise, then fast & intense, slow and really slow and delicate. I mean at one point it was moving so slow, I counted 3 seconds per revolution! This ability to make so many precise changes in movement over the previous chair makes it a real winner as far as I'm concerned.

The new mechanism also reaches slightly more over the shoulders than the previous chair, but the difference is not really that noticeable.

All in all, the Keyton Concept Sensor FT is an excellent massage chair. The build quality, the quality of the massage, the style & looks, the customer service, everything 10 out of 10 or in this case 5 out of 5! Well-done Keyton.

- Posted on 2006-07-21 12:47:21 by Chris -

Styish Quality

Massage Chair Review Star Rating

Excellent high quality product that looks fantastic and has the added bonus of giving a decent massage.

Quality 10/10
Style 10/10
Massage 8/10
Price 9/10
Warranty 10/10

I decided to buy the red Keyton Concept that was advertised on ebay. I felt that the price was great as it was an excellent chair that had only been used a few times, was in mint condition and was less than 7 months old! Okay I would have liked one in leather, but the micro fibre material feels like sued and should be easier to look after with no need to use creams or oils to keep it supple.

I had to drive down to London and collect the chair. I have a small trailer, which worked a treat. The first difficulty was getting the chair out the previous owners house and into the trailer. These chairs weigh a ton! Well nearly 80 kgs (About 12 stone) to be more exact. We had to lift it up high on a number of occasions over stair rails round tight corners and into the trailer!
We also had a similar problem when we got it home!!!
Unfortunately, the chair received a few battle scars along the way, but nothing too serious that spoils it. Big tip though. If anyone buys a second hand massage chair, do not under estimate the task of moving one of these chairs. They must be heavier than a typical washing machine!

I was very impressed with strength of the chair in terms of frame/ chassis, motors and arms to lift and lower the backrest and leg support etc. They look well up to the job.
I was also impressed with the quality of the material, the stitching and attention to detail is of a very high standard. My wife is a seamstress and we have seen cheap sewing before, but this looks well put together.

Okay, got it home, plugged it in and we're off. It does everything it is meant to. Tapping, rolling and kneading with plenty of manual adjustment, speed, height, width of rollers etc.
I quite like the instant programs too. Just hit the morning, noon or night buttons and a 15 minute pre-programmed massage takes you through a comprehensive massage covering most areas of your back and calf muscles.

Although it doesn't have foot massages, I noticed that the calf paddles work quite well if you lift your knees and place your feet between the calf paddles for a few minutes!

Our MMS - 2000 Plus Keyton Concept, like I am sure all Keyton chairs, comes with a nice infrared remote control. Cordless like a TV remote. Again this looks well made and enables you to completely control the chair and if you wish, from anywhere else in the room. I can see the advantage of allowing the kids a quick go, while you keep control of how long they are in it!

Also,it would have been nice if it had been fitted with a security code, so I could protect the chair from other family members because as soon as your back is turned, others will try to get on it!
At first I thought, I would simply hide the remote, but Keyton have kindly fitted a small control pad on the right hand side of the chair and this allows the user to access the basic functions. (Raising and lowering the back and leg support and selecting each of the pre-programmed massages) Thanks Keyton.......Not!

Today I ordered the small cushion pack from BackinAction, which I hope will match, colour wise. The price of only 50 including VAT and delivery was very reasonable and I expected to pay much more. The chair came with the comfort cushion, but I have quite a hollow back and generally need plenty of lumber support. The main reason though is because they are still available in the same material and I may regret it later.

All in all, I am pleased with the chair so far. I accept it may not give the best massage on the planet, but Keyton does offer an excellent mix of style, quality and a decent massage for us and probably most people.

Would I pay 2700 for a new one? Yes probably if nothing else decent was around on the second hand market, I would.

Oh and do shop around. AHF in town wanted 3000 for a Keyton Dynamic plus 60 delivery, while Furniturebusters in London ( ) wanted only 2380 for the same chair, which included delivery! One hell of a saving!

- Posted on 2006-07-07 00:00:00 by Chris -

So Good Looking!

Massage Chair Review Star Rating

You have no idea how much I love to sit and watch the television in this. With the plus cushion on it is the most comfortable chair in the world.

I can honestly say that Keyton put alot of work into the design of this chair. It?s truly magnificent. The arms are perfect, the seat is perfect and even the hand control layout is great. Wireless controls add to this chair a great deal. Its design is much better than that of the Innova and Sterling chairs, beautiful.

Why 4 stars? Simply because it?s too soft? The back massage can be a little too soft in places but this wonderful chair is let down by its lack of a decent thigh massage. To score 5 with us it would need something more than vibration. The same goes for the calve massage. It?s not as effective as you?d expect from a standard massage chair. This however may be due to Keyton wanting their design to fit together smoothly. Even with that considered it is not design the makes a good massage chair. It?s the massage and options available.

Overall a fantastic chair with room for improvement. Let?s see what happens with the 2006 range.

- Posted on 2006-02-28 00:00:00 by MC Network -

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