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The Sterling Supreme is one of those massage chairs that sits right at the top. That is the top of the price list and the features list. In fact the Supreme would be the last massage chair you would see before passing into a place where the massage chair is no longer a chair at all. Instead the massage chair becomes a purely therapeutic massage device, a term which covers such things as Family Inada’s Sogno Dreamwave and OSIM’s uSpace.

Sterling have done well to ensure that you can still use the Sterling Supreme massage chair as a chair while still retaining the features found in the therapeutic massage devices mentioned earlier. The most important feature is the upgraded version of the massage system found in the Sterling Symphony Sensor of 2006.

The DT (Deep Tissue) massage system allows the rollers to move towards and away from you as well as the traditional up and down. It may sound simple but such a system requires a total redesign of the massage unit. The feeling and quality of the massage this type of system provides is far greater than that of traditional 4 or 6 roller setups. Having the chair correctly position the rollers so the pressure it supplies to your back is of the same level is truly excellent and really helps you relax, letting the chair get on with its job.

All of the top Sterling chairs come with a similarly designed handset. The Supreme is no exception. The handset is very similar to that of the Sterling Salvation and Sterling Statesman massage chairs, clear and easy to use. All we had to do was jump in, press two buttons and away it went. There is also the option to get more involved should you wish to open the little black door and access the array of manual controls, we decided to give those a miss this time around.

The massage provided by the Supreme was truly unique and far better than that of its predecessor, the Sterling Symphony Sensor. During the 20 minute massage routine we were provided with shiatsu, tapping, rolling, kneading and various combinations of those. We found the sensing system to be very good. The massage unit moved back and forth to follow the different shapes of our backs.

Legs and feet are also taken care of by the advanced enclosed leg massager. This massager can be adjusted to suite your height by using the buttons on the handset. Because the boot is enclosed the chair can massage the tops of your toes. Although possibly unnerving for some, the feeling is great and the massage provided is extensive.

On top of these features the chair provides an adequate arm massage and tops everything off with seat vibration and back heating. Overall this chair is fantastic. The current price tag seems fair when compared with top models from other manufacturers. The lowest available price is from Massage Chair Distributors Ltd. And at the time of writing they were offering the Sterling Silver Supreme with a 5 year guarantee for £4195 delivered.

The chair is fairly large and those worried about getting such a brute inside their house have nothing to fear. The massage chair comes in 3 boxes as the sides and footrest are removed to make delivery easier for the customer. The only downside is there is a little assembly but we are told it is pretty simple and detailed instructions are provided.

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