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When most people are looking to buy a massage chair they are usually only interested in a few things. Style, features and guarantee. The Sensation from Sterling has all of that.

The first thing which came to mind when seeing this chair for the first time as its appearance. It features the new height adjustable footrest system and arm massage. But despite these obvious visual distractions the chair manages to appeal to the eye without taking over a room like the larger Sterling Silver Statesman.

The wooden arms are an excellent addition and in this case I am glad that Sterling didn't do down the route of having these leather covered. Looking down at the footrest the wood effect is present to match the armrest.

The upholstery leather work is also fantastic and fits in nicely with the chairs design.

As the massage chair is essentially the same as the Sterling Statesman, I was surprised to see that the seat massage had been changed. The Statesman's thigh massage has been replaced with an under seat airbag which when activated gives a slight elevator feel when being given a massage.

For customisation there is the height sensing footrest mechanism. The footrest is completely adjustable from the handset which lets you get in the most comfortable position for your height. This is where the Sensation really takes off ahead of the Statesman. When reclining the chair, the arms tilt back reducing the need to alter your position and keeping you at a suitable distance from the hand controller.

In terms of comfort, the Sensation probably the most comfortable chair we have tried and the first chair which goes out of its way to ensure this. The back massage is similar to the Statesman. Strong, deep and absolutely fantastic.

The seat massage is great but the leg massage takes a bit of getting used to. Once you are certain its not trying to eat you its very easy to find it very relaxing!

The last major feature of the chair is the music massage. As with other Sterling models, the chair can be activated in a music massage mode which allows you to play either your own or the chairs music through the speakers. The massage rollers then gently massage you to the rhythm.

The guarantee is Sterling's solid full 5 year warranty. Giving you total peace at mind.

Overall an excellent massage chair which deserves its place at the top of Sterling's product range. Everything you will ever want from a massage chair is included in a well designed and manufactured package.

If you are choosing between the Sensation and its predecessor the Statesman, the Sensation is well worth the extra cash!

- Posted on 2009-05-12 17:00:26 by MC Network -

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