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Sterling's Statesman reached the UK market about a year ago and we have had the chance to try the chair on one or two occasions. Unfortunately we had to be fairly quick and were unable to fully test all of this chairs features equally.

Lets start off with what's new. The arm massage. Arm massage is a difficult one, its very difficult to make it work with a massage chairs design and all too easy to let it get in the way of everything else. A few manufacturers have taken on this task. Sanyo for one and now Sterling. The arm massagers themselves are fitted to the sides of the chair and are easily moved along rails to get them in the correct position for you. It seems from an integration point of view, Sterling have done well not to compromise the design and accessibility of this chair by the addition of these new features.

Once the power button is pressed and one of the four automatic modes has been selected the chair begins its quest to relax you. The rollers gently glide up and down with the gentle vibration from the seat massagers and the rolling compression of the airbag system. DeepHeat massage has made its way from the Superb and Salvation massage chairs onto the Statesman. This is something I am personally thrilled with. Nothing can beat the gentle warming sensation provided by the foot and back heaters. In fact, this feature is so easily missed as it has to be activated manually along with the vibration massage.

The Statesman provides 5 levels of adjustment for the airbags as well as 5 intensity levels for the vibration system. Colour once again comes to mind when observing the VFD handset. As with the previous top class models, the Statesman features an informative and detailed colour display. The arm massage is surprisingly good, although it could be considered a little harsh at times. This is mostly down to positioning your arm correctly and finding the right spot for you.

Improvements have clearly been made to the massage system itself. The severity of the massage seems to have been reduced slightly and the leg airbag massage has been improved dramatically. The feeling after spending 20 minutes in this chair with everything on is fantastic. Although the only different feature from the Superb is the arm massager, the chairs design looks a whole lot better(and bigger). That combined with the mechanical improvements made, its definitely worthy of the 5 stars it scores.

If there is anything that needs further thought, its the arm massage. It is a new feature and is in its infantsy still. Good, but its an almost certainty that we will be seeing more chairs featuring arm massage now he Statesman is on the scene.

- Posted on 2008-08-05 00:00:00 by MC Network -

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