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Massage Chair Review Star Rating

I bough this chair as an upgrade from an old vibration chair I had purchased in 2001. The vibration chair had slowly degraded and eventually stopped working.

After some time deciding if I should upgrade the chair I was eventually persuaded to by buy this one. Partly by my wife who was sure to nag me constantly into making a decision and also by this website. I had tried various other chair from other manufacturers I settled on this one mainly because of the build quality and the 5 year guarantee.

All I can say is I wish I had done so sooner!

The chair arrived by TNT in a large box. Our first worry was assembly but after removing the top half of the box (which is strapped on and lifts off when the straps are cut) we were happy to see that the assembly only involved plugging in handsets and zipping on cushions. Before doing so I rounded up some friends to get it in though the front door and in to the living room. I like to watch television sometimes when using my massage chair and this one was comfortable enough to do so and still enjoy the programme.

Initially the handset seemed a bit daunting with so many buttons and options available, however pressing the big flashing button in the middle highlighted the options available to us and my wife and I were soon able to enjoy the automatic massage programs available with the chair.

After using the chair for a few weeks I have been able to use all of the features available and understand the difference between this chair and the superior models. The only thing missing from this chair is arm massage and it wasn't a feature we were interested in. The larger chairs seemed very chunky but the massage systems are supposedly the same.

I have had my chair for over a year now and use it at least 2 or 3 times a day. So far there have been no problems at all with the chair. The difference between our old vibration chair and this chair are massive and the appearance of this chair is fantastic!

So, unable to find a fault in what my wife and I believe to be one of the best massage chairs available we have decided to give it 5 out of 5.

- Posted on 2009-06-29 14:17:33 by Aaron Grey -

A perfect example of a quility massage chair

Massage Chair Review Star Rating

Massage chairs seem to be getting bigger and bigger, both in popularity and in physical size. The latter of those is likely to start causing problems as they continue to be more bulky and include more features.

The Sterling Silver Salvation takes all of this into account, removing the bulkier features from some of the larger chairs while retaining the same back massage system. The main think which the Salvation lacks is an arm massage, however we certainly wouldn't consider it a great loss.

What this chair does have that others don't is style. The 'R' shaped side panels with the leather insert give the chair a fresh look which fits in both classical and modern room designs. The Salvation certainly does not overstate its presence in any room.

Those were our thoughts upon viewing the chair, next thing we had to do was test it.

The Salvation is mechanically identical to the Sterling Silver Superb, with the exception of the built in speakers. The Salvation has headphones instead of these. The chair feels the same as the Superb and shares the now consistent ST-100 handset.

Once the chair started doing its thing we reclined it and started playing around with the various features. The sensor system is purely for locating your shoulders and little more, and once the massage begins you forget about that part of the program entirely.

The back massage was firm and extremely relaxing – something Sterling massage chairs have managed to keep up consistently over the years. Before you know it you're off in a world of your own. In our case you wake up suddenly remembering you have a review to do and an opinion to form.

One great thing about the handset is that the functions are grouped together depending on your knowledge of the chair. First time users will be content with the four automatic programs, activated at the press of a button. From there you can move over to the semi-automatic massage chair button and if you know exactly what you want then you can flip open the side door and put it on manual.

My personal favourite feature, back and foot heating, is also present. In addition to this there is the seat vibration system and the Rhythm massage which will massage you to the music.

In conclusion the Sterling Salvation is a fantastic massage chair and at the current prices is an absolute bargain. The back massage is excellent, the airbag system is great and there's just enough little extra features without overcrowding the handset.

- Posted on 2009-02-18 16:19:14 by MC Network -

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