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Over the last two years Sterling Massage Chairs have become increasingly impressive. It seems that no matter what way the market goes, they are there with all the gadgets and essentials. 2006 saw the launch of the Sterling Symphony Sensor, an innovative sensor massage chair with music. 2007 is about to be introduced to music synchronised massage, airbag/vibration combination and the reintroduction of DeepHeat.

When you enter a room, there's usually something that jumps out at you straight away before you notice everything else. Perhaps the only downside to the Superb is this. Quite possibly the biggest massage chair on the market to date, this chair will quite easily take over the average to small sized room. It's not exactly the prettiest thing in a room either, as the Superb has similar proportions to Captain Kirk's chair on the original Star Treks.

To the Test
After getting comfortable (which isn't difficult), your presented with a flashing activation switch. Pressing this switch activated the chair and more lights activate to tell you what functions are available. First of all we tested out the four fully automatic massage modes. The vibration has to be activated manually and is very strange but a nice little addition when you get used to it. The same goes for the heating too. After a few minutes warming up the heating proves to be very helpful in relaxation and quite possibly our favourite addition by Sterling.

The back massage is fairly standard when it comes to Sterling as no major improvements are obvious from trying it. However the new chair keeps up with Sterling's guarantee of the strongest possible massage. A feature that seems to have been passed on from the Symphony Sensor is the shoulder adjustable sensing system. The Superb will remember where your shoulders are when performing a massage. Above all massage improvements is the music synchronisation system. Using the small USB memory stick, files can be added to the chairs musical line up. When a massage is being performed and is in the correct mode, the massage rollers will work to the music. This has been seen on a few massage chairs such as the Osim models but never implemented in a majorly effective way.

When it's down to calf massage, you very rarely get one that's just right. At least this was the case in previous models, but not the Superb. Sterling has this to a fine art now, with extras. The new footrest has a heating pad under each sole, once warmed up creates a brilliant sensation. The perfect addition to an amazing full leg massage. These heating pads are also present in the back of the chair but take a little longer to warm up than those in the footrest.

The last major feature and first for the larger Sterling Silver brand is the combination of vibration and airbag massage in the seat. This system is a fun little gadget but not for everyone. Some users may find it better to keep it on a low setting or off completely. The beast feature about the new seat is the addition to side airbags combined with the original under seat airbags. Smaller people may not benefit from these though as they are on the sides of the seat and only come in so far.

Sterling have done a great job this year so far with the new range. The Superb definitely does well as their top chair so far. A great buy and well worth the money if you have the space to put it in. The heating, vibration and music are fantastic new features that are well worth a look at. It's a full 5 stars from us.

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