Second hand modules or old models

Posted by John tyrer on 10th October 2017 at 14:18

Hi folks . My name is John I'm an army veteran who is an out patient an combat stress a self funded charity that helps veterans who have severe PTSD and physical problems due to service. Combat stress is a self funded psychiatric residential stay series 6 weeks at a time . I was hoping someone on here could possibly point me in the right direction to find someone who would be willing g to maybe donate an old model or even a second massage chair to help the veterans relax after a hard day's therapy to easy the tension and help the veterans relax . The combat stress location is Hollybush house in ayr they don't receive a penny from the MOD who are the ones who got us this way then they just let you leave and there's no support . But combat stress are really game changers for the likes of me and I'm just doing my bit to help them help us . Thank you for taking the time for reading and hope someone could point to me in the right direction . Any comments will greatly be recieved by all the veterans present and future patients .

Yours gratefully
John and the veterans of combat stress hollybush house


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