Truely Independent Advice

Posted by phil on 3rd October 2006 at 11:33

Be sure to obtain truely independent advice before purchasing a massage chair through mail order/internet.
Be sure to do your homework and look out for sites posing as independant sites that are blaintant cases of self-promotion.
Once you've chosen your chair, check out where else it is sold to ensure that you are not being hood-winked by unscrupulous internet dealers. If it isn't sold anywhere else, look for others that are similar for lower prices.

Posted by Karl A. Oshea on 6th October 2011 at 13:59

Dear Phil, Thanks for your nice tips. I liked the thought. But What I think when searching for a massage chair for you, you must check some reviews on that product. someone may check in online easily now a days. Good Luck Smile

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