Keyton Massage Chairs

Posted by Chris on 11th July 2006 at 21:00

I believe that Keyton are attempting to hold up prices in the UK by preventing dealers from advertising their chairs at knock down prices!

In searching for a Keyton massage chair, I have spoken to several dealers and without getting anyone into trouble by mentioning names, I have been informed that dealers are allowed to sell these chairs at knock down prices, but they are forbidden to actually advertise them at knock down prices!

I have been informed that the trade buy them in at around 2000 each and are advised to advertise them at around 3000! Anyone advertising them 5 or 6 hundred pounds less (As some have already done) have a fight on their hands with Keyton and run the risk of being cut off from Keyton completely!

As someone who believes in a free market economy, I am against any kind of price fixing!

Tip. If this is how they work, contact each supplier in turn and demand they beat each others price! It is possible to pick up these chairs at around 2400 for a top spec chair, which still allows the retailer a decent profit margin! Don't feel guilty, save yourself some money!

Posted by MC Network on 12th July 2006 at 08:36

Thats interesting. It would also explain why prices for chairs such as the Concept have been all over the place. It would seem that alot of companies will be having issues with Keyton if it keeps up.

I will have to look into it a bit more.

An check the current prices for they Keyton chairs in their "Where to Buy?" sections.

Posted by Jim Bunting on 18th August 2006 at 15:40

As an EX. major retailer of Keyton chairs I can say that Keyton are indeed attempting to price fix! We have a letter from their pompous German lawyers Zinn Bocker advising us that they will no longer supply us (Massage Chair Distributors Ltd.). They also asked us to pay 20.000 to use photos that they originally gave us to help promote their product. Needless to say they haven't replied to my letter with appropriate suggestions as to what they should do!

Posted by MC Network on 18th August 2006 at 16:00

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Posted by DanielDMohler on 6th April 2016 at 04:57

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