Massage Chairs Network was officially formed in the winter of 2005. Our main goal is to inform those who are interested in massage chairs of what is good or bad. Massage chairs are unknown to many people so the site was formed providing information on the chairs themselves, reviews from us and chair owners, who makes the chairs and of course where to buy them. As up to date prices as possible are listed for each chair. We also have information on chairs no longer stocked in the UK so those who are buying second hand will have some idea of what they are buying.

For more information on who exactly makes up Massage Chairs Network please take a look at the following page: Massage Chairs Network Panel

On this site each chair has been rated by our team and scored on a 1 to 5 star basis. You who own chairs are free to register and write a review on a chair that you own or have tried and give it a rating. This rating will help people wishing to find a chair to buy based on ratings and reviews. We too have given a review of some chairs.

If you are a retailer/dealer and wish to be added to the dealers section then simply email us your buisness name, description, location, contact information and website details. You will also need to detail the chairs you stock, a general stock level, and the price of the chair including VAT and delivery. You will then be added to the site ASAP with links from all of the chairs you stock.
We will also be running an advertisment programme on the site for buisnesses who want to boost their sales.




We are currently selling advertising space based on a monthly rate of £30, or a yearly rate of £300. This is for a banner measuring between 100 - 120 pixels by 200 - 400 pixels. These banners will appear at the sides of the pages on the main site.

Similarly you can advertise on the forum for the same cost using 500 x 60 banners.

Any questions or to organise advertising with us, send an email to detailing your request.

All adds should be related in some way to relaxation or massage chairs.

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